What are Project Sales?

Project sales (also known as pre-sales) have become an increasingly popular way of purchasing properties in the Vancouver and surrounding areas. Essentially pre-sales is the process of purchasing properties from drawings and floor plans prior to the finished product being built. The advantage to project sales is that you are purchasing at the current market value with a 5-20% deposit down with the hopes that the projected value of the home at completion will have increased creating instant equity in the property purchased.


“It is very refreshing when you have the opportunity to work with a team that is as passionate as they are talented. MillerWark’s approach extends far beyond their given duties and this dedication is evident in everything they do. Sharlene and Vanessa are reliable, intelligent and have a keen ability to sell. They offer an invaluable skillset that is often hard to come by in project sales and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them.” 


What Do We (Offer)

The Millerwark Real Estate team is proud to boast that they have worked with some of Vancouver’s most reputable and successful developers in the marketing and selling of their pre-sale projects. These projects range from small townhome projects to 200 suite plus residential towers. The Millerwark team have literally sold thousands of homes through project marketing and sales techniques they’ve learnt through the past 10 years in the Real Estate industry whether selling a project themselves or representing their clients in the purchase of a pre-sale home. They have built strong relationships with many Vancouver and area developers that they leverage to ensure that they negotiate the very best deal on their client’s behalves.



“MillerWark provides the guidance, experience and dedication that few project sales teams can offer. Vanessa and Sharlene are committed, connected and have the ability to move inventory quickly. It’s always a pleasure working with them.”